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Mark McGrath is the owner/broker of Home Information Network, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Home Information Network, Inc. focuses on residential property sales and listings, rehab/renovations, investment properties, property management, and leasing services.

Mark is a lifelong Cincinnati resident. He is an alumnus of Miami University, where he majored in Finance. After graduation, Mark began his career at GE Aircraft Engines. He has been a licensed Realtor since 1987, when he also began investing in real estate and representing other Buyers and Sellers.  Mark is a full-time real estate broker and owns over 160 multifamily apartments and single-family homes. He also manages over 300 other units for investors throughout Cincinnati.

In this episode we discuss Mark's 30+ years of industry experience independently managing his 180 multifamily units in addition to his clients' units for a total managed portfolio of approximately 400 units - all without the help of a syndication. Mark speaks on his love for Cincinnati, why he decided to independently manage his own portfolio and how he leveraged his brother as equity to begin. Mark shares tips and tricks for managing your own portfolio and how he likes to resolve issues with tenants. This episode is primarily focus on property managed and will be valuable for those looking to learn how to independently manage their portfolio without the help of a syndication.

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